Beware America! T-Mobile is on the move with their own spokeswoman, Carly. How can you not miss Carly on the T-Mobile commercials always wearing a dress in magenta? You can’t. But don’t expect this nice girl image to last too much longer.

T-Mobile is planning a new ad campaign to get Carly out in the real world and to develop the “bad girl” girl image. Who can blame them? T-Mobile has been struggling to stay afloat in the economy since the original launch of the first generation iPhone. They have also attempted to sell to AT&T but the FCC declined the request.

Since T-Mobile is at a stand still of money loss, they need a new image about the company. They are releasing teases of what’s to come in the fall, Carly in black leather on a black motorcycle with magenta trim.

[box_dark]In any campaign, evolution is good from a creative standpoint. We felt this was a good time to step in and do something like this,” Peter DeLuca, senior vice president of brand, advertising and communications at T-Mobile, tells Marketing Daily. “We really needed to do something to get T-Mobile some [attention] right now.[/box_dark]

Their aggressive plan of the “bad” image is to sport the faster 4G LTE speeds and attract consumers to their product. Will this work? Maybe or maybe not. Since the iPhone is responsible for their struggle’s and is a highly popular phone, I don’t expect T-Mobile to improve much unless they land this piece of technology. Though I could be wrong.

T-Mobile Carly Foulkes

Source: TmoNews