Comic-Con fans were gathering around in front of a set to promote the upcoming movie, Kick Ass 2. Across the street, fans saw what they thought to be a stunt for the movie as a woman hang on the ledge on the 14th floor of an apartment complex.

Fans soon realized it was an actual suicide attempt.

Amos Carver, one of the stuntmen for the Kick Ass set (S911), and two of his colleagues, Gregg Sergeant and Scot Schecter, stopped what they were doing and immediately rushed to the scene with their gear in tow.

They hopped the fence and the security guard let them through the front door. When they entered the apartment, Carver approached the woman quickly while wrapping his arms around her. Sergeant and Scheter then immediately strapped the woman and pulled back into safety.

“She just kept saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,’ over and over again,'” said Carver.

Police thanked the stunt men for their heroic response. The woman was drunk and distraught over a recent breakup.

Source: Gawker