Now showing on ESPN, when jokes go awry. The world wide leader’s official Twitter account created a bit of a feeding frenzy Thursday night after stepping into the middle of the Twitter trending social media buzzstorm that is Syfy’s Sharknado. The campy Syfy B-Movie about a tornado and the sharks it sweeps from the ocean and deposits in downtown Los Angeles, has taken on a life of it’s own being tweeted about by everyone from Forbes to Barnes & Noble and even the Arizona Diamondbacks.

ESPN mused at whether a certain bay area sports team might be looking at a possible name change?

Their response, not amused…

Sharks twitter

ESPN although not technically under NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s jurisdiction has taken a playbook from the NCAA’s Oregon University and University of Miami and decided to self-sanction. It’s punishment? The network is currently in talks to bring back long time perpetually disgruntled sportscaster Keith Olbermann.