The first time I’ve heard of Joseph Kony is when Jason Russell of posted a 30 minute video on YouTube about Kony. Russell took the opportunity to explain who Kony is, or was, and what terrible things he had done in Uganda.

In this video he encouraged youth from around the world to united and on Friday, April 20, 2012, to go out in the night and hang posters throughout the cities, in a legal manor. This is to build awareness of Joseph Kony and what he’s doing (or did) in Uganda, that is kidnapping children in the middle of the night. He then takes the boys and makes them into soldiers while the girls into sex slaves.

Jason’s Russell’s video is so enticing that the youth is joining the movement with no questions asked. All they know is that Joseph Kony needs to be taken out because of his terrible ordeals. Parents and youth beware! Russell builds a convincing argument but if you take a close look at Russell, you will find that his arguments is theory with little to no facts of the existence of Kony.

Theory & Facts, I love to talk about that. It drives me crazy that theory today is accepted as truth while facts still have yet to be proven when it’s supposed to be the other way around. Don’t believe it? It’s taught in the Universities, I should know.

Before I continue this argument, I will define Theory & Facts accord to the Merriam-Webester’s dictionary:

the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another; abstract thought (speculation); a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action; an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances —often used in the phrase in theory.[/box_light]

in truth; a thing done; the quality of being actual; an actual occurrence.[/box_light]

So to sum it up, theory has yet to be proven while facts is already proven to be true.

Kony 2012 is a theory. Russell took some facts and compiled them together to make Kony a current threat today. But according to Uganda officials, he was defeated back in 2006, also there is speculation that he is dead today as he was never seen again since his defeat.

What is Russell’s response?
[quote]Joseph Kony is presumed alive by all international actors in the region. There is little to no doubt on that fact. On 2 December 2011 an abductee escaped into a town in the Central African Republic and, according to the United Nations, the boy reported that Joseph Kony was alive in southeastern CAR and was aware of the US military deployment in the region. This corroborates with information received from the United Nations and Invisible Children’s partners in the region. –[/quote]

To undertake without leave or clear justification; to expect or assume especially with confidence; to suppose to be true without proof.[/box_light]

Jason RussellWhile no proof was offered in this statement from Russell and his organization, I can only assume that “all international actors in the region” could be a union and represented by a spokesman or president but I highly doubt that “all” international actors in the region believe this.

Also, the United Nations and The United States have not always been on agreeing terms as the UN is made up of communists, dictators, capitalists, socialists, and more.

Whatever happened to satellites and current photos of Kony if he’s still around? If there is audio recordings, videos, photos, DNA, maybe even a urine sample.  I would find that proof enough that he’s still around causing trouble. All I find on the world wide web is speculation if Kony is dead or alive, a conversation, that’s all.

What if Joseph Kony is alive? What would be the United States interest in it? I do not believe in policing the world and Kony’s forces is small enough for any nation to take him on. If Uganda can do it once, they can do it again. The only interest the United States would have, and I’m speculating on this, is the vast amount of oil reservoirs in the country. If that’s the case, leave it alone and drill our own country.

What about the children’s faces who are cut up?  It’s a sad ordeal if that’s still happening today but the original video of “Kony 2012” was removed from YouTube.  This was due to copyright infringement as Russell used several clips from other news organizations without permission.  The footage that everyone can agree that belongs to Russell is that of his friend in Africa, the birth of his son, and footage of his son.  Any other clips Russell will need to show proof.  As far as we know, the copyright footage that Russell used could have been taken any where between 1996 and 2006.

If you look into history, the very movement that Russell is trying to create is similar to that of Chairman Mao. His biggest supporters was the youth. Chairman Mao manipulated the youth with the getting rid of all things old and the bring in the new. He was also responsible for the death of 78 million people in China.


I’m not saying that Russell is trying to be like Mao and rise to a world standard power. No, the guy does not have the mental capacity to do such a thing. Yes, I am serious with that statement but I will explain towards the end of this article. It would not surprise me if he’s doing this for someone else to gain power, again just speculation.

So how did I come to a conclusion that the “Kony 2012” from InvisibleChildren is pushing for a communist movement? Simple. Mao’s target audience was the youth. He captured their attention while at the same time encouraging them to serve others, explore their ancestry, and at the same time destroy the historical artifacts (the old things). He gave the youth power to do what they wanted because the newly appointed Chairman Mao was going to give them everything to live. The elderly feared the youth, due to the power the dictator granted them, and allowed them to go on their rampage because the elderly was just “old” and “useless”.

No, Russell is not encouraging them to destroy history, yet. He is though, creating a pleasing eye catching “cool to be in” movement. He has already captured the attention of the youth and encouraging them to serve in the community while preparing them to goto war or force nations to goto war, through the youth movement. Ok, I love the part of cleaning up the world through service but blood shed?

Do you see any parents or any adults besides celebrities and politicians supporting this movement?  Does Russell ask the youth to consult with their parents about this movement?  No.  He builds up the youth to make them think that they know better, so they will have to be the ones to make the difference.  No encouragement to consult with the “old”.

One of things that Russell is encouraging your children to do is to give donations to the “non-profit” organization (scam).  Any donations made to InvisibleChildren, thus far, only about 30% of that money goes to Africa while the rest (around 70%) goes to the organization.  Non-profit suckers for profit anyone?

Seeing how you made it this far in my argument, can you trust Jason Russell? Parents, can you trust him?

Jason Russell is not a sane man. I am not making an accusation, here is an explicit picture of him in San Diego, California.

Jason Russell TMZ

He was running rampart in the streets naked, masterbating, and destroying private properties in the open public. It lasted for several minutes. His grotesque actions took place after he released his video.  He responded to news sources that he was only “kidding.”  A week later his family released a statement that said he had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized.

I’m only raising the concern of this man’s actions and why parents need to be concerned.  I don’t know if he’s a pedophile but who he’s targeting and what he was doing is not a good mix for public relations.

Jason Russell cannot be trusted, especially with your children. He’s crazy, taking money, and pushing for an additional communist “piece” movement comparable to Occupy.

Because of the over 100+ million views, it’s caused a Public Relations concern in Uganda. In response to Russell, Uganda has now launched a “Truth” campaign about it’s country while practically telling Russell to quit making Uganda a victim. It’s a nice counter video to “Kony 2012” and I encourage you to watch it.

I hope that my argument makes you think about the situation of Jason Russell and “Kony 2012”. Don’t take my word for it and defidently don’t take Jason Russell’s word for it. The negative out weighs the good and commonsense tells me, to ignore “Kony 2012” and to take action against the movement. What do you think?  (comment below)